Changing the language and landscape of women's leadership

by creating women’s voices to powerfully engage through their authenticity of presence and their own leadership brand. To ensure that women get noticed and smash through the glass ceiling of limitation themselves.

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Why Five Gateways?

There is a huge unconscious gender bias still in existence in the UK workplace that will always be there unless we step up to consciously override the old patterns and assumptions. Companies need to fully commit to the investment and implementation of a new kind of women’s leadership which empower the top talent and senior females within their organisation. Our five gates of empowerment and authenticity change the game. Dynamic women get the keys to unlock and embrace their power, presence and potential so they can step up, speak out and stay well ahead of the game. Indeed the women begin to create the game on their own unique terms.

What do we do?

We are a pair of dynamic professional women who believe strongly in working to empower other dynamic professional women. We work using the psychology of identity and the psychology of performance, uniquely combined, to bring you an impactful specialist no nonsense programme that promises to create positive, life changing shift in both your life and your career within five days.


by identifying your compelling outcome and authentically embodying who you really are: a powerful voice who can engage and align


by ditching the limiting rules and beliefs which hold you back so you can own your achievements, initiate and lead courageously


by moving into new, exciting territory, knowing what your message is and how to deliver it with impact and presence to the right people


by stepping into your leadership brand and leading the way for transformation in both yourself and others


by daring to go wherever you want or dreamed to go; you are now a powerful realisation of what is possible